Cintia Cossio: Bio, Age, Weight, Family, Education, Relationship, Networth, And More

Cintia Cossio

Cintia Cossio is a Colombian Instagram model who is widely popular for her aesthetically appealing photos and curvy body shape as well as many colorful tattoos – Cintia Cossio bio. She has a sense of fashion and style that is like no other and captivates a large audience on social media. Cintia gained stardom from her modest origins in Colombia. She defied society’s model of a model with her open spirit and creative body language. Now, she is a prominent model in the industry.


Cintia Cossio is a Colombian Instagram model born on October 24, 1996, in Colombia who receives popularity among users due to incredible tats and captivating photos. She started out as doing makeup which has been historically associated with fashion modeling. Her style was modern and unconventional and her photographs gathered many followers on Instagram. His brother, Yeferson Cossio, is also a famous Instagram personality. From a portrayal of multiple facets that characterize Cintia, it is evident that she is a self-confident and expressive person, an extraordinary figure in social media.

Cintia Cossio’s Age, Height, and Weight

Cintia Cossio's Age

Cintia Cossio’s age is 27 years. She is thin and her weight is 55 kg and her height is 1. 55 m. Her body measurements are 36-24-36. Her eyes and hair are brown and that harmonizes with her natural beauty that she is still a model of simplicity.


Besides, not much information is available about Cintia’s personal matters, but what is known is that she has a brother named Yeferson Cossio who is also an Instagram star. There is a strong connection between siblings and they can join each other in social networks. Details about her parents and other family members remain under wraps.

Cintia Cossio’s Early Life

Cintia came to Colombia in her childhood and grew her passion for makeup artistry from an early age on. This love for makeup would prove to be useful hence helping her in the world of fashion. It is amply clear that her first formative years in a society that had a vibrant background of cultural and artistic life enormously contributed to her personal style and expression.


Cintia’s full academic qualifications are unknown. But at the same time it is possible to say that her interest in makeup and modeling influenced her field of activity in its personnel way. Some modists use their arts to enhance modeling and she has achieved this to a great advantage on social media platforms.

Professional Career

Cintia became popular through Instagram as it was through her account that she was sharing pictures of her body with tattoos and raunchy selfies. Her tailored style and smoky eyes made her stand out among the masses in no time and she soon became a popular figure on the internet. The blog follows various brands and photographers. It features their swimwear, fashion, and beauty products.

Cintia Relationship Status

Cintia Relationship Status

Cintia Cossio is dating Jhoan, the fitness model at the moment. The couple frequently uses their social media accounts to post photos and videos of themselves to subscribers’ views. Fitness and modeling has become the thing they share in common because of their friendship.

Awards and Achievements

It should be noted that, besides the awards above, Cintia has not earned any yet. But, the way she has done on social media has already made a lot of impressions. Cintia has advertised for brands like Pepsi-Cola. Her Instagram has over a hundred thousand followers. Soumana has continued sharing and uplifting her followers with her confidence and style.

Social Media Presence

Fans admire Cintia’s account @soycintiacossio to enjoy confident looks & explore body positivity. She also gives a brief insights of her routine whereabouts as well as does model photo sessions and vlogs.. Her incredible curves and unique tattoos continue to captivate her followers, earning her a loyal fan base. She is also on other social media platforms. These include TikTok and Twitter. She shares more content with her fans there.

Cintia Cossio Net Worth

Judging by the net worth, Cintia’s estimated worth is close to $200 Thousand. With the past behind her, the model enjoys her job and works with leading companies and photographers. Their different style and personality make them attractive to the public and to the brands that have sealed the deals to endorse them thus building their net worth.

Unknown Facts About Cintia Cossio

  • Artistic Background: Cintia has another passion that motivated her choice of beauty and fashion modeling – this is makeup art.
  • Tattoo Enthusiast: Another notable thing about Cintia is that apart from the numerous tattoos she has inked on her body – she sometimes designs body art together with the artist.
  • Fitness Focus: Though slim she possesses attractive curves and keeps her body fit in the gym with exercises that she posts on her Instagram account.
  • Philanthropic Efforts: Now Cintia is part of various charitable initiatives and organizations in Colombia; however most of her charitable work is not revealed to the public.
  • Cultural Influence: Her tattoos and other colors are all related to Colombia and explain her quite modified appearance.


Cintia Cossio’s story is about going from a small-town girl in Colombia to an international Instagram star. It is a testament to her confidence, individuality, and art. With her tattoos, curves, and magnetic presence, she continues to inspire and empower her followers. Her unique style and bold personality have made her a big name in social media. There is no doubt that Cintia’s story is just beginning. Keep an eye on this rising star as she continues to make waves in the modeling industry and beyond.

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