Slideae WhatsApp Tracker App: Unreavling the Real Facts


As has been well demonstrated, these times of social media are the times of very rapid spreading of misinformation, which often outspreads the truth. Consider this, giving its statement to be offering a WhatsApp tracker app, with lots of amazing promises; in reality, all this is false. This article dissects such claims and exposes misleading information propagated by Slideae.

Understanding Slideae

Among the fraudulent sites claiming to own a WhatsApp tracker application is This site is advanced through viral AI-generated videos, yet the users who visit it believe that they are capable of tracking WhatsApp activities. Instead, they end up on an ad-using page where the desire to gain by deceit is noticed. Additionally, the claims by this website about the Wi-Fi password finder and the face emoji remover are also hoax-based. Such tricks are being utilized to take advantage of the gullible; therefore, there is a need to think critically about whatever one comes across online and verify every detail.

Tracking WhatsApp with Slideae com

Since last week, AI-generated videos have been floating on social media with a determination to assert that the site. It helps users keep track of their girlfriends’ WhatsApp activities. They fetched attractive titles and content that was all bright to grab the listeners who believe in a simplistic solution to complex problems. But the reality is starkly different.

The Reality and Misinformation

WhatsApp, through tough end-to-end encryption, ensures that all messages can be viewed only by the sender and the intended receiver. The encryption is so strong that no third-party app is capable of having access or tracking chats on WhatsApp. A service positioning itself around breaking through this encryption is either fraudulent or illegal.

How Slideae Benefits Businesses

How Slideae Benefits Businesses

It has a couple of benefits for businesses including:

  • Brand Consistency: This template will ensure that your brand stays consistent in each presentation
  • Time effectiveness: It prepares professional-looking presentations in a significantly shorter time when they use the slides rather than doing it individually.
  • Cost Savings: The templates save businesses the cost of hiring a professional designer for every presentation.

Deceptive Practices

Users looking to download the WhatsApp tracking app through Slideae com are forwarded to a very excessively advertised page. The redirection speaks volumes for the deceptive nature of this website.


Apparently, rather than download a tracking app as promised. It forwards to another site, with ad banners. The money comes just with the ad banners – which are what gives the service its hint: it is to capitalize on user flow – and it’s set to do so, but doesn’t serve any particular valuable function.

Debunking Other Claims

Find My Wi-Fi Password

Slideae com also claims to have a Wi-Fi password viewer tool. This is completely untrue. Obviously, Wi-Fi passwords are encrypted and securely stored in routers and your device. Anything anyone could say about how one would do that without physical access to the device or router would be guessing. All such claims are false and threaten your access by doing things like spreading malware.

Emoji Remover

Another thing that the website claims is having a face emoji remover. The claim is that this tool removes emojis or stickers in an image to show the original photo. Technically, this is not possible. When an image, meaning adding a sticker or emoji, is used, it forms part of the data that forms the image. The removal of the same from the image is well-nigh impossible considering today’s technologies if one does not have the original unedited photo.

Features of Slideae com

  • User-Friendly Interface: The interface in slideae com is very user-friendly; any user can develop a professional presentation easily. It features numerous templates, graphics, and animations that can be easily tailored to an individual’s taste.
  • Collaboration Capabilities: It can accommodate multiple users to work on a presentation simultaneously in real-time, which really alleviates various burdens associated with team projects or the geographical locations of different teammates.
  • Download and Share Options: This allows users to easily share their presentations online or download them to several file formats, including PDF and PPTX. This enables its users to share their presentations with an extended group of individuals or even just keep them on any device to view offline at a later time.
  • High-Quality Graphics and Pictures: It has a repository of high-quality images and graphics that users can apply to make the visual impact of their presentations good. This makes it possible for users to create very influential and immersive slide shows by capturing the attention of their audience.

Verify First—Then Trust

In an age where information is so widely spread, one must establish credibility for whatever one claims to be the truth before one can believe in it. Websites like this prey on people’s lack of critical thought. One needs to make sure they double-check with sources that can be trusted before any move can be made based on information.

Recognize Red Flags 

There are several red flags that can help identify misleading content: 

  • Sensational Claims: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. 
  • Lack of Credible Sources: Normally, credible claims are backed by credible sources and evidence. 
  • Pressure Tactics: Urgency and pressure to make the user do this quickly so that they don’t use their brain. 


These viral videos regarding the tracking app are false accusations of Slideae com. Now, this website itself does not provide any real tracking service; it only re-directs to advertisement pages. Other claims about a Wi-Fi password finder and face emoji or face emoji remover are also not true. As internet users, we have the responsibility to be skeptical of such a claim and see if this is true in any way. Being a hoarder due to time-wasting things is one thing, but in some instances, such scams open us up to potential security risks.

FAQs About Slideae

Q1. What is Slideae com?

Ans. It is an online platform offering a wide range of professionally designed PowerPoint templates.

Q2. How can I access this?

Ans. Simply visit the website through your web browser to explore the collection of templates.

Q3. What categories of templates does this offer?

Ans. It offers templates for business, finance, education, marketing, and more.

Q4. Why should I use it?

Ans. This provides high-quality, customizable templates that save time and are cost-effective.

Q5. How does this benefit businesses?

Ans. It helps businesses maintain brand consistency, save time, and reduce costs in presentation design.

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