Lana Rhoades Bio, Physical Appearance, Family, career, and Net Worth

Amanda Mason chose the stage name, Lana Rhoades. She made a name as an American porn actress and model. Since then, she has transitioned to digital creation and influencing. This fact helped her overcome many obstacles and reach the apex of the adult movie industry. She starred in many films and won awards for her performances. She hosts a podcast “3 Girls 1 Kitchen” and uses platforms like Instagram and YouTube. Lana’s story shows her strength and fortitude. She serves as an example for many people. She shows how to move forward from tough and good times.

Rhoades Bio

Lana Rhoades Bio

Amara Maple, an American ex-porn actress and a model by the name Lana Rhoades is the former celebrity. Lana was born on the 9th of September, 1996 in Chicago, Illinois (United States), and her age is 28 as of 16/04/2024. The Virgo girl is an American, of a white breed. Lana started her path to fame in the adult film industry. She shot over seventy films and won awards for her talent and skills. However, she had a very successful life as an Instagram influencer and blogger in the past.

Lana Physical Appearance

After featuring her, Lana Rhoades became famous. It was because of her stunning beauty and captivating body. She is 5’3 (1.6m) tall and weighs around 124 lbs (56 kg). She has a slim yet curvy form. Her bust-waist-hip measurements are 34-23-35 inches (86-58-88 cm). They match her stature. Her dark brown hair and striking blue eyes add to her charm. They make her a popular figure in social media and modeling.

Family Background

Lana Rhoades was raised by one parent, a mother, in a suburb outside Chicago. She was the only girl among her two brothers and two sisters. Her achievements are remarkable. But, there is no doubt that Lana owes her success to her family. They have always been there for her with endless support and encouragement at every step of her life.

Early Life

Growing up, Lana Rhoades found inspiration in dancing and acting. So, she did cheerleading and gymnastics in high school. Lana decided to move to Los Angeles, California after her graduation. She realized that it was the place where new possibilities always waited for her.

Rhoades Education

Rhoades graduated from an American high school. She chose to go to college after twelfth grade. The article lacks details about her formal education. It is missing the schools she attended and the degrees she earned. Lana chose to work in porn and become an online celebrity and creator. This implies that she lived a life determined by such work.

Professional Career

The famous pornography starlet Lana Rhoades started her career at a sports bar and grill. It was her first job there. Tilted Kilt called the bar. But, she later became a topless dancer. She debuted in adult content on video in 2014. Lana became popular. So, she collaborated with companies that have great reputations. For example, Brazzers and Playboy, to name a few. Her partnership with Playboy was key. It made her a star in the adult film industry. Rhoades faced challenges and took breaks from her career. But, she kept pursuing personal projects and made a big comeback in 2020.


Lena Rhoades Relationship 

Rhoades’ regime is the most intriguing part of her. She was in a relationship with Mike Majlak. He is a popular online creator. The pairing has had on-off communication. The last reported break-up was in early 2021. Lana’s private status about her new relationship with a person is the issue here.

Lena Rhoades child

A few months after her birth, Lana had Milo, which was on the 8th of January, 2022 too. Laney, but, announced her pregnancy in June 2021. This sparked rumors about the baby’s father. Lana decides to hide her child’s parentage. This sometimes elicits statements and rumors. Milo’s dad might be known worldwide, or he could be the most unassuming dad right in front of us. Still, Lana adores being a mother. She often posts bits of her life as a mom on social media.

Awards and achievements 

At every step of her career, Rhoades got reviews and awards. They were for her work in adult films. Tailor-made awards may change. But, one thing is clear: Lana’s ability to grow and evolve in music is indisputable.

Social media 

Lana has an enviable social media presence. She does well on Instagram and has many subscribers on her YouTube channel. Lana’s Instagram account is @lanarhoades. She has 42 posts and 15.7 M followers on her Instagram account. LanaRhoades’sand2G1K is the name of her YouTube channel. On it, she updates her viewers with a variety of content.

Net Worth

Lana Rhoades’ net worth is most often said to be approximately one million dollars. Her fortune came from her success in the pornographic movie business. She worked in the adult film industry. She was in major films and worked for the top production companies. The shift to a lifestyle influencer and digital creator platform caused her success. It also added a lot to her net worth. She did this by gaining a large following on social media forums like YouTube and Instagram. 


Lana Rhoades is a versatile woman. She has won in many parts of her life. Lana´s journey started as a dancer and actress. There, she showed her grit and determination. This perseverance was also seen in her rise to stardom in the adult film industry. Today, she has many online creating engagements. They are a product of her native attributes.

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